Unplugged Week Away in Mohegan

Have you ever wanted to just get away for a week and unplug from life? Mohegan is a great place to do that! Sit by the water and enjoy the scenic views of beautiful Maine.

There is no electricity, but you can enjoy cooking with propane. There are views any direction that you look. Watch boats pass by, different species of birds flying around, various wildlife grazing in their natural habitat and much more. Lit a fire in the wood-burning stove and listen to the waves crash along the rocks of the nearby cliffs and coastline.

Take a hike through prepared trails in the nearby woods and see all the beautiful trees, a flowing creekbed, various flowers and plants and more. There are also fun activities to be done such as a cruise around the local bay, and the museum of the ancient lighthouse out on the harbor point. Or check out the Mohegan Brewing Company for a glass of a local stout. Dine on freshly caught that day seafood for meals each day and handmade sweets and desserts from the local bakery. The fresh seafood is one thing that Maine is known for and it won’t disappoint.

Watch an idyllic sunset over the cliffs as you dine or hike. You will never get tired of the full aerial views of Mohegan. There is always something new to see and discover. From nature hikes to sea cliffs and remote beaches to lighthouses and one of a kind cuisine. Mohegan has it all! With the added bonus of the ability to detach from technology and unplug for some rest and relaxation.

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