Squid on the Street in Spain!

Want to find an endless amount of seafood just by walking down the street? Barcelona is the place for you! Sample different types of squid and other seafood in small shops and outdoor cafes and even speakeasy-themed restaurants!

Find delicious tapas everywhere you look, including plenty of drinks, baked goods, and desserts to go along with it. Just wander into a cafe and find something you like or simply browse the extensive selection each place has to offer. Have a fun night out and meet lots of friendly people and enjoy yummy food together for an unforgettable experience.

Order food from a daily menu or custom order with fresh ingredients to your liking. The prices of each dish are low and the portions are plentiful! Indulge and try something you never have before or maybe a food you like prepared in a different way. Or eat at the counter and watch as they make the food in front of you for an added experience. Walk between cafes and restaurants to easily get new and different seafoods to try. Get small samples or portions or share with a big group! Head into a bigger restaurant and receive extensive service from the wait staff, for you try new wines or drinks and sample those you are curious about.


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