Portugal Road Trip!

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a country is to explore it. So you might as well explore all of it and take a road trip! This road trip through Portugal includes some of the must-sees and do activities and for such a small country, the list is long.


You can start with seeing the one of a kind handmade tiles in Oporto. These tiles are hand painted and designed and shipped all over the world. These tiles are a major part of the architecture of the city as well. It’s truly a wonderful and artistic sight to behold around the city. Portugal is also a big country for wine, so catching the wine harvests in Douro is a must where you are a grape drinker or not. It’s fun to experience and learn about all the same, and you can watch the wine get harvested right in front of you. These wineries appear to stretch for miles across the open country and are beautiful sights to witness in person.

Then you can head south to the islands of Algarve and explore small fishing villages and see how life is on the coast of Portugal. The seafood is exquisite and the accommodations are adorable and perfect for being so close to the water. Take a long boat ride out in the Atlantic and see the coast from the boat and take in the beauty of the ocean. Check out some ancient castles and ruins that you wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else. Take in breathtaking views of the coastline peppered with these relics and enjoy the history and the scenery.

Then it’s off to Lisbon to experience the capital city in all its glory! An excellent way to do that is by taking a scooter tour! Scooters are a popular and ideal means of transport in Europe and it’s fun to feel the wind whip through your hair and experience the scenes of southern Portugal.


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