Arctic Jump!

MORE places to Unplug

This Masai might not be able to unplug.   But we can.

And judging from the response to my “20 places to Unplug” blog, a LOT of us are really trying to!

A break from technology.  From an endless to-do list.  From the hectic pace of life that sweeps us through week after week until we say “HOW could it already be Thanksgiving?!”

So here are some MORE ideas for you to save your sanity.

Want the FULL  list of 50 Places to Save Your Sanity?  Email me right here.


1. A no-electricity fisherman’s cottage on Monhegan Island

2. Escape to Small Hope Bay in the Andros, Bahamas

3. Lighthouse overnight on Isle Au Haut in Maine

4. A CCC cabin in Haleakala National Park on Maui (it’s a lottery!)

5.  The Badlands (just joking!)



1. Snowmobile through the bison herds toYellowstone’s backcountry lodge (get snowed in!)

2. Hike into Canadian Rockie’s overnight at Twin Falls Chalet

3. A sailboat stay in the BVI

4. A Houseboat beached deep in the buttes of Lake Powell

5. IK (inflatable kayak) trip down the Lower Salmon River in Idaho

6. Nordic ski to backcountry hut in biosphere behind Crested Butte

the surreal teal lakes of Chilkoot Trail Alaska7. Phantom Ranch stay in the bottom of the Grand Canyon

8. Hike to LeConte Lodge in the backcountry of the Smokies

9. Oasis Surf Camp in Panama

10. Backpack the Chilkoot Trail – the old GoldRush trail that goes over the pass into the Yukon

11. Earthshine Lodge for zip-lining, obstacle courses, and pioneer-life



An Osprey's view: Private Island in Honduras1. Private island stay on rustic Cayos Cochins in Honduras.

2. Hike along the Incan Trail

3. A Polar Bear cruise out of Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic

4. Sveti Ivan Lighthouse overnight at (off of Croatia’s northern Istria peninsula)

5. On Safari in Tanzania, at the Chem Chem Park in Tanzania


Want the FULL  list of 50 Places to Save Your Sanity?  Email me right here.

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