A Look at the Catalonia Castellers

Who are the Catalonia Castellers? They are a local acrobatic group that builds human towers nine stories tall in the local streets.


There are several groups of Catalonia Castellers. These groups of people come out in the Barcelona streets and plazas to perform for everyone. It’s quite a feat to watch these acrobats form a circle, and then climb one by one up on each other to form circle after circle. The tower eventually becomes nine stories tall, and the acrobats do not fall and make the entire experience look very easy.


It’s mesmerizing to watch and these groups regularly practice in the streets of Barcelona with the streets packed with people. There is also a competition to see which Castellers are the best group. It’s quite something to watch these climbers balance on each other’s shoulders, and climb up and down using only their hands and feet.

There are climbers circled around at the bottom of the tower to help stabilize it as well. It is also not uncommon for children to participate or at least practice, and they are always wearing helmets. Sometimes they are the ones who make it to the top of the tower due to their smaller size. The performers that climb up and form the tower do not wear helmets (except the children) or any other type of safety gear. They just climb up with the clothes on their backs. These climbs also don’t wear shoes, and having bare feet makes it easier to grip and balance.

Sometimes the performers will stand on each other shoulders from the ground up the middle of the tower, and when the tower breaks down, there is one straight line of people, usually with a child at the top, which is also an impressive feat to witness.

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