Coasteering in Mallorca!


What is coasteering exactly? It’s hiking, cliff diving, mountain goating, and abseiling all mixed together! Explore remote mountains while discovering remote exotic hot spots and natural caverns. Abseil down hard to reach cliffs and dive of high edges into clear blue waters to cool off from the hot weather.

Coasteering as a one of a kind experience! It’s a full body workout that is not as easy as it looks, and you will never do anything like it again. It’s definitely a fun adventure to capture with a GoPro. It’s a unique way to see and explore the vast coastline of Mallorca and it’s something that is exclusive and not filled with tourists. This experience is for the real adventurers.

Examine sea creatures in various tide pools and take in the amazing scenery and endless views from cliff tops along the coast. Be a rock climber, hiker, cliff diver, and tourist all in one go, and have the experience of a lifetime. Jump from cliffs or rock formations into deep water just a few feet away in small bays or creeks carved out along the coast. Enjoy the isolation of hiking and abseiling, encountering few boaters and other tourists along the journey.

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