Holiday Attractions in NYC

Ever been in New York City for the holiday season? The whole city is alight with decorations and there are plenty of fun holiday activities for everyone to enjoy! Here’s a glimpse at the holiday train show put on by the Botanical Gardens.


There is an excellent model train extravaganza which features over 150 NYC landmarks completely miniaturized and constructed from various things like twigs, pinecones, moss and much more. There are bright decorations of red, green, and gold through the massive display. Watch the train tracks go through trees, under bridges, across water features and more, for endless hours of entertainment.

For train enthusiasts, this exhibit is a once in a lifetime opportunity since there is no city like New York. This exhibit is also temporary, while others stay up and functional for much longer periods. This train extravaganza is available to view during the holiday season in New York and is a short commute from Manhattan by train.

Some impressive attractions include the entire Brooklyn Bridge, Rockafeller Center and more. This exhibit is on display at the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at New York’s Botanical Gardens during the holiday season, and is a must see, one of a kind attraction. The train extravaganza is a massive feat to witness, as you can wind around the long display, walk underneath parts of it and more.

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