Celebrating the Spring Equinox, Druid-style

Did you know you could go “inside” the stones at Stonehenge?

I was “inside” to celebrate the Vernal Equinox with the druids.  Take a look…

The druids call the it the Alban Eilir, or the “light of the earth”.

On March 21st, they gathered in their animal skin robes for their pagan initiation of Spring.  They chose the outdoor “temple” of Stonehenge, England’s monolithic structure  dating back to 2000BC where early Celtic chieftains are considered to be buried.

In this annual festival of fertility, they  drummed and danced and saluted Mother Nature.

They chanted their A-I-O  mantra. They got married and drank Mead wine out of large horns – they even shared some with me.

One woman, draped in a green shawl with a wreath of delicate blooms atop her head,  welcomed spring with a poem:

Slowly slowly the morning has broken,

Ask has changed to dawn,

The shoots are ready, the buds delight

In this already amazing yawn.

The mother, Gaia, stretching and growing,,

Welcome the coming of light.

From her belly the dark safety

Father sky hold holds the sun

Together balance and beauty arrive.

Ostara, equinox, spring it is called

By what name no matter is paid

But the feeling the joy the loving vibration

Seasons offer us, movement is made.

Sweet mother and father, planet and sun

I give thanks for all you have done

As I spring into step, joining in with your son

I connect with all things…

We are one!

Imagine… an entire trip can be organized around one festival.

This spring clients of mine are going to the Cup O Tae festival in Ireland, and along the way, they are sleeping in a lighthouse, flight seeing over the cliffs of Moher, working with falcons at a nearby castle, and listening to ceilidhs.

But there are festivals for hot air balloons, jazz, oysters, and more.

Inspired?   Join the tribe at Rare Finds Travel where we share our “rare finds” from the road.

One of them just might be the basis for YOUR next adventure!

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