Around-the-World trip: What’s it really like?

The Hodges family from California could tell you.

They took their teens out of school and rented their Carmel home for these past 12 months to travel the world, visiting 17 countries via 26 flights, 4 trains, rental cars and RV’s, and even an elephant or 2.

They didn’t merely dip their toe into a country for its passport stamp. Instead they took deep dives to create touchstones to each destination. They slept in a tent, deep in the dunes of the Moroccan Sahara and shared a traditional mint tea. They rode camelback to the storied Silk Road city of Petra, which they entered through the back entrance, a little known passage that fewer than 1% of travelers discover. They took language immersion in Mandarin and French, learned to cook local dishes along the way,  and got scuba certified. They rode sleeper trains across China, a sampan down Laos’ Mekong River, and even a hot air balloon over Cappadocia. They befriended locals from Soweto to Jakarta, slept in the dorms at Oxford and in a bus at Burning Man, and savored a languid month in Lucca.

All of this they set down in an online travel diary called “Our Traveling Life”.

These remarkable experiences surely opened their eyes and fired their imaginations. But much more importantly, the experiences knit the family ever tighter as unknown or underappreciated qualities emerged in each of the four amid the triumphs and trials of their odyssey.

Have you ever wondered how to do this?

The Hodges’ tale is proof:

You can do this too!


Rare Finds Travel was honored to be the Hodges’ expert as they traveled the world. 

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