Ancient Hermitages on Montserrat’s Tebes Trail

Take a hike in Montserrat and learn about the indigenous hermitages that used to be there. These hermits were first living here before the recorded existence of the monks of the monastery in the 12th century. Get an extra education from local guide Ricard of Guies Montagne Montserrat, and all of his insight into the history and traditions of the mountain.

First, take in the beautiful views of the mountain from the sky view, which suspends you over the hard to reach parts of the mountain to the top to see the monastery. The ride is slow, which gives ample opportunity to take in the ancient views and enjoy the detail of the buildings and much more. See the monastery preserved since it’s creation in 1025 AD. there have been monks living in the natural caves in the mountain earlier than that and the most at one time were 16 monks. Get a history lesson and see all the living spaces for the hermitages as well as a glimpse of the daily lives of the monks.

The breathtaking views of the mountainsides to the valleys below go on for miles and miles. The mountain also includes it’s jungle-like vegetation, which makes it a prime spot for pilgrimages to attract those from all over the world. Ascend hand built stairs through rock formations for a one of a kind hike around the mountain. Get a wealth of knowledge about the different types of vegetation and flowers that grow naturally on the mountain. They are rare sights and the types of plants that adapt to their climate to survive, including extracting water from surrounding rocks.

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