5 A-typical London Activites

There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do and see in London, like visit famous landmarks. However, London also offers more unique attractions.

For example, you can see a telling of Bedtime Stories, complete with characters in full costume, setting the scene around you for an immersive experience that is also a B&B. Completely immerse yourself in the experience by spending the night and waking up in the world that is Bedtime Stories. Another experience is seeing the legendary ravens atop the Tower of London, for a lesson in their importance to British history.

Or catch a ride on the double-decker afternoon tea bus tour, for a ride through the heart of London. Inside, you can choose any seat at a pre-prepared tea time ready table for your convenience. You can dine on finger food and delicious desserts with bright colors and yummy ingredients. Being a tea time bus, there is also an assortment of teas, so choose one you like or try something new for a fun memory. Hopping a ride on this bus is an excellent idea for a unique tea experience and is also a good option for a rainy afternoon. For those interested in pubs, check out the literary pub crawl, for an opportunity to hear fantastic bits of literature and places that are well documented in history.

Finally, check out an eclectic food walk in East London for a wide variety of food and drink you can only experience in this part of town. Yummy soups, traditional puddings, meat, and desserts as far as the eye can see in the market. It’s definitely a must-see for all foodies!


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