5* Living in the Branches above Jamaica’s Blue Lagoon

The afternoon shower drips in meditative plops through the living wall of greenery encircling  your treehouse balcony.  Last night, you fell asleep in your teak suite, a 4-poster King bedroom open on 3 sides to the rainforest, to a chorus of chirps and you wake each morning to the call of the colorful Jamaican Tody.   It’s the calmest place you have even been and it’s hard to remember that only 5 hours away is NYC!

When you tire of relaxation and contemplation, you can play too.

Rappel and swim at nearby Reach Fall  – the privately owned section with no crowds!

Raft the Rio Grande River.   Mountain bike through the coffee plantations and trails of  Blue Mountain. Paddle your kayak to Monkey Island for a scenic hike.

Road trip to Bath to Jamaica’s legendary hot springs and S-O-A-K!

Hire Boxer for a boat tour along the coast or a snorkel favorite local spots like Alligator Head or Fairy Hill.

Or just sit in your 5* treehouse aerie and bird watch (the planet’s second largest butterfly, the Homerus Swallowtail, lives here!)

Words cannot do justice to this unbelievable treehouse!  Watch the video and see for yourself!

Looking for a that special getaway?  Find a time to explore the options by clicking here.


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