A Coffee Campesino in Columbia

Enjoy the mountain view of Colombia and pick some fresh coffee! Marcela, the coffee farmer walks through the coffee process from picking to peeling to fermenting and beyond!

Spend some time in the Colombian jungle and learn all about organic farming from the locals. Marcela is also the owner of a women’s only cooperative and knows all about growing and harvesting coffee.

Waterfall Adventure at Plitvice Lakes

Get out and experience nature and see some natural wonders at Plitvice Lakes! Walk through the jungle and then wonder across a wooden suspension bridge over water and earn a fantastic view. See water cascading over the cliffs across the water.

Walk along the path at the water’s edge and step next to the blueish water. Or walk up the steps near the flowing creek as the water rushes down to the lake. Plitvice Lakes is both a serene and adventurous experience!

Water Adventure: Newport Beach Holiday Boat Parade

The holiday season is upon us! Now is the time to break out the decorations and spread your holiday cheer! Head out to Newport Beach and have a holiday adventure on the water. See the popular holiday boat parade, where boats far and wide are decorated from hull to stern with lights and characters.

Wave at a blow-up Santa as he drives by or take a tour of the decorated boats in the harbor. Enjoy the rest of the night by sitting back and relaxing a stunning fireworks show!

Foodies Will Love This Yucatan Snack

Exploring a new area is usually filled with great locations and fun activities, but one of the best things about traveling is the food! The Yucatan is also filled with some exotic and amazing food options, many of which come in huge portions and are a great treat while road tripping through the area.

Some of the most popular snacks are empanadas, which are tasty baked or fried pastries that are usually stuffed with meats, cheese or corn. Snack on this lovely pastry and take in the beautiful scenery around you.

Grizzly Bear Adventure in Alaska’s Inside Channel

Hop in a helicopter and see the amazing view of the Alaskan wilderness! Want to see grizzly bears up close? This is the way to do it.

Climb out of the helicopter at Admiralty Island, and get a fun lesson about bears from your local bear guide. This completely isolated wilderness allows you to view wildlife, birds and natural beauty while standing at the water’s edge.

An Adventure to Sian Ka’an

Want a truly unique travel experience? Try an adventure to the protected biosphere of Sian Ka’an just west of Tulum in Mexico! This tropical paradise encompasses both ocean and jungle for a wonderful journey through nature that is a must-see for travelers.

Walk along the wooden walkways through the forests, surrounded by trees and bamboos and climb up into the trees for a fantastic view of the ocean!

Stonehenge in Scotland

Want to see a unique sight in Scotland? See the first Stonehenge on Scotland’s Orkney Islands! These massive stone pillars tower over you and stand out amongst the rolling hills and lakes of the Scottish countryside.

This particular site predates Stonehenge by about one thousand years, so it’s a fun experience! The massive stones are not set up like Stonehenge so the experience is completely new and different. Check out Orkney Tours for a great guided tour of the area.

Adventures in Sri Lanka

Ever wanted to travel to Sri Lanka? This lush paradise is filled with activities and wonderful sights for any and all ages. See the tea plantations in the highlands, learn to surf on the beach, or help some sea turtles make it to the water! Enjoy fresh and fruity drinks as well as homemade bread and treats sold almost anywhere. Ride a local train or hop in a buggy for a bumpy ride through the streets with a smile on your face.

Yucatan Peninsula Roadtrip

Ready for a fun road trip through the Yucatan paradise? Fly to Cancun and see the Yucatan by car and all the interesting sights and places this unique landscape has to offer. Head north to the coast to ride bikes on the beach and catch a sunset with a tropical drink in your hand. Then go inland for jungle landscapes, wildlife, and a wild ride you will never forget.

See a piece of history and climb the Mayan ruins in Coba, and descend down into a hidden cavern for a fun swim. See the sights of Tulum and grab a hammock by the sea to soak in the rays and the view. Experience all the wonders of eastern Mexico with this fun road trip!

Bike Adventure in Oslo

Have some time to spare is Oslo? Try seeing this fabulous city by bike! Hop on a bicycle and explore the wonders and beauty of Oslo from two wheels. Take a one a kind guided bike tour to see the gorgeous gardens or the unique features of the city from someone who knows it best.

Or simply hop on and bike around at your own pace, stopping whenever you like. Visit a fun museum or take a walk along the river, and see all the beauty Oslo has to offer!