A Scottish Castle Crawl

Have you ever been on a Scottish Castle Crawl? You can visit 5 wonderful castles in this idyllic countryside in just six days! Explore the roots of Celtic culture as well as falconry and other lovely traditions.

Take a drive through magnificent countryside, visiting beautiful vistas, secluded waterfronts, postcard small towns, and towering castles from history and get a real feel for the Scottish lifestyle. You can even spend the night in a castle, with modern design and amenities for an extra experience!


Come Fly With Me: Falconry at a Scottish Castle


Ever wanted to hang out with Falcons? Look no further than Scotland! That is the home of the Falconry at the Scottish   Dalhousie Castle. Get to know these majestic creatures as they perch right on your arm.

Learn all about falcons from their caretakers and get a great history lesson. You can meet the birds, learn the history, wear the glove! Take a walk with falcons and view the incredible Scottish scenery with an ancient castle in the background.