Alaska’s Wildlife: Bears and Whales

Alaska is home to two most sought after wildlife experiences:  the famous Alaskan bears and whales.


Get “awed by the claws” by a day out in bear country that will truly change your life!

In Alaska, you have many choices, from my favorite bear guide at Pack Creek’s sanctuary by Juneau, to a bush plane adventure out to Katmai National Park by Homer.

The world’s largest carnivore, the Alaskan brown bear, can be found on Kodiak Island, and it’s common to see bears from your backcountry bus in Denali, too.  But to see a polar bear, you will need to venture to Barrow Point on the Arctic Ocean (or pay a visit to the Anchorage Zoo).

Do you yearn for a personal experience with the bears, but are concerned about safety?  If so, remember that we have hand-picked and personally-vetted guides who have stellar safety records and decades of experience in the field.   We have personally traveled with them through bear country and felt the assurance of their leadership.   You will, too.

We can empower you with orientation classes at the national parks and even show you how to make your own “bear bells” to wear out in the bush.

Contact Melanie for information on bear-viewing to match your schedule and budget.



Gasp at the beauty of whale bubble netting off Alaska

Gasp at the beauty of whales bubble netting off Alaska

Want to raft out to a pod of humpback whales as they bubble net in the waters of the Inside Passage? Or let your ship float as you watch orcas breach under a rainbow?

Then you might enjoy a week on one of our small ships that sail between Seattle and Glacier Bay.


kayaking with whales in GBNP

Over sixty percent of the globe’s humpback whales migrate each year between the Gulf of Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands.   In fact, the waters at the top of the Inside Passage near Elfin Cove have the densest whale populations and the most predictable whale watching!

We can show you our favorite places to catch a glimpse of these marine giants.  From private boats out of Juneau, to a family-run operation into Kenai Fjords National Park, or a kayak paddle through Glacier Bay,  we’ll find the whale watching excursion that perfectly suits your athleticism and budget.

There is even an annual festival on Kodiak Island to celebrate the return migration of the whales.

Contact Melanie for explore the possibilities.

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