Alaska – Glaciers & other natural wonders

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Alaska is home to various natural wonders, each ready to be explored by adventure seekers like you!


glacier trekking in Alaska

my client, Dana, glacier-trekking on Juneau Icefield

There are glaciers you can walk on, “drive up” to and fly over depending on the type of adventure you seek.

Walk the timeline of Exit Glacier to learn about melting.  Cruise Prince William Sound to see 26 glaciers in one day!   Hire my guide for a day of glacier trekking and ice caves!

Or take a few days to relax out at Glacier Bay National Park, where you can cruise with park rangers out to the famous Johns Hopkins’ Glacier, watch puffins and kayak with humpback whales, and enjoy a lunch on the sun-warmed deck, right on the shores of Bartlett Cove.

Contact Melanie for information on the best glaciers to visit in Alaska, and the different excursions each has to offer.


day trip to Land of 10,000 Smokes in Alaska

Trek in Land of 10,000 Smokes in Alaska

At the northern edge of the Pacific, sits in the Ring of Fire, a geographic circle encompassing California, Hawaii, Chile, Indonesia, China and Japan where the earth’s tectonic plates collide and create volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Contact Melanie for information on visiting Alaska’s volcanic wasteland with a day tour to Land of 10,000 Smokes.


Earthquakes continue to make the history in Alaska. The latest quake took place in Anchorage in 1962 and had significant consequences.

It elevated the entire port of Cordova more than 20 feet, rendering what had been the area’s primary boat harbor to a dry-land space.

The quake also wiped out Valdez, and the town had to be rebuilt miles away.

Earthquake Park in Anchorage is an area where more than 75 homes slid into the Cook Inlet during the quake. Now, the park pays homage to the damage with an interpretative path outlining the quake’s history and geology.

Contact Melanie for information on the seismic experience that Anchorage has to offer.

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