Alaska – Exploration by Sea

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See Alaska by sea by choosing from a variety of sailing options!

Small Ship Cruising

Licensed as a “Yachtalist”,  we love to recommend the small ships — 12 to 56 passenger crafts that focus on wilderness adventure! Unlike the big ships, they do not cruise port-to-port, but rather have a flexible schedule which allows them to take spontaneous detours to follow a bear ambling along the shoreline, or to pause to watch a pod of humpbacks “bubble netting”.

Their shallow drafts allow them to access small channels and undiscovered coves that large ships must bypass.

And their onboard naturalists guide you through this pristine wilderness, while their adventure staff handle the kayaks, paddle boards, and zodiacs.  You will get to play with  “all the toys”!

Although the small ship experience differs from that of a larger cruise ship, the small ships still deliver the utmost comforts. Equipped with luxuries like on-deck hot tubs and Alaskan-cedar hand-carved bars stocked with microbrew, small ships guarantee an unforgettable Alaskan journey.

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Contact Melanie for information on a small ship adventure-of-a-lifetime.


The Big Ships

Cruise ships are the ultimate pleasure voyage.

Offering a virtual floating cities, large cruise ships are just as focused on the shipboard experience as on the shore excursions.

With ports of call in the all of the most popular locations, you’ll be treated to five-star dining and 24/7 activities including Broadway-quality floorshows.

While Holland America was the original cruise line to Alaska, now there are as many as twelve cruise lines to choose from including SilverSea, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Disney.

Contact Melanie for information on this fleet of options and to set up a magnificent cruise up the famed Inside Passage.

The Marine Highway Ferry

For sea travel on a budget, the Alaska State Ferry is an ideal option.

Staffed by State Rangers, the State Ferry stops at all ports (although at some inconvenient times, you will find) plus it navigates passages such as Wrangell Narrows, which is inaccessible to larger ships.

You will have maximum options for exploration, since, unlike on a cruiseship, you can hop off the ferry for a multi-day excursion, and then re-board to finish your trip. Reservations are essential as this is a popular means of transportation.

You can book a comfortable cabin or opt to pitch your tent on the Solarium deck. There is even an option to take your vehicle aboard so you can extend your journey later on.

Contact Melanie for information on the Alaskan State Ferry and the need-to-know little details to make the trip a huge success.

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