Our Planning Process

Premier Planning Service

Rare Finds Travel Design provides you with a full service, detailed travel plan. Pick your destination, and the trip of your dreams will be completely planned for you.

How We Work

Here is our 7-step Rare Finds Travel Design System that we will use to create a very nuanced, 100% customized, specialty travel plan just for you:


1. Listen carefully to want you want.

We want to learn more about you, so your adventure caters directly to your dreams and interests.

2. Add my expertise and research your possibilities.

We research your requests but we always add our own secret recommendations too, which you may have not even realized were possible!

3. Review all the options with you and allow you to “cherry pick” your favorites.

4. Design an incredibly detailed, door-to-door itinerary.

Into your Trip Plan, we incorporate your selections, pace, lifestyle, budget, special needs, and personalized requests.

5. Secure all the reservations and deliver to you a comprehensive Trip Packet.

Your Trip Packet includes your At-A-Glance (your daily schedule of guides, activities, and specialty lodging), as well as a Voucher Packet (all your confirmations and receipts, in chronological order for your trip, as well as maps, dinner reservations, historical write-ups, info on customs and tipping, and more).

6. Psych you up for your adventure and get you ready!

We recommend books to read and movies to watch to get you excited to go, and we answer every last question and confirm all your reservations before you depart.

7. Support you 24/7 while you’re on the road.

Planning Rates

Planning rates are determined by the destination, number of travelers, and personal requests you have. Our planning fee starts at $1800 for a domestic trip and $2200 for an international trip.

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To start your planning process, schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation with our chief travel designer, Melanie Tucker.