Escape the Ordinary
With the
Rare Finds Travel Club!

You don’t need 10 days or 10K to go on vacation.

You can Escape the Ordinary with a 3-day getaway

And that is what we deliver to you in the
Rare Finds Travel Club.

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The Rare Finds Travel Club is going to make your travel life
as seemless as it is spectacular!

Each week you’re going to get a unique Escape!

And when I say unique, I really mean it!
One of my club members says:

“You can’t find this stuff in any guidebook!”

But I’ve been traveling for 25 years, and have a BIG book of “rare” travel finds.

I’m Melanie Tucker, owner of Rare Finds Travel, and my mission is to find, experience, and vet amazing trips. I have slept in one-of-a-kind lodging. Met locals to become your personal ambassador. And worked with guides to create experiences that you’ll find personal and unique and special.

A lot of these guides don’t even have a website!

And you will have access to this whole book of “rare finds” through
the Rare Finds Travel Club.

Our trips at the Club are easy to implement.

They are complete itineraries with super-efficient scheduling so you can squeeze a whole week’s worth of fun into a mere few days.

They are fully vetted. They come stress tested.

We’ve made it as easy as can be
for you to
Click and Book, Pack and Go Play!


So what do these trips looks like anyway?

If you’re an animal lover, you might love to go dogsledding up in Vermont.

If you want some fresh air, you can go glamping at Moab Under Canvas or do a lighthouse crawl down the Pacific coast.

You’re an adventure-seeker? Head to Havasupai Falls.

And if you just want to relax and re-juice, there’s an ashram, waiting for you in the Bahamas.

From cities to music, history or wildlife,
all Escapes include novel lodging and meaningful experiences.

And of course, lots of amazing food experiences because I’m a huge foodie –
if it doesn’t walk off my plate, then I eat it!

Escapes will cover both coasts – and occasionally take you offshore.

So you’ll have lots of options, whether you want something close to home,
or something more remote.

And always remember -  Escapes are like accordions!

They can easily expand into 4- or 5-day trips if you have the time.


Wait! There’s more!

You’ll get monthly Travel Hacks:

  • helpful apps for your smart phone
  • books to read and movies to watch, to keep your imagination fired up
  • our favorite travel sites like Scott’s Cheap flights
  • all of our “Printables” which are great checklists like How to Pack and 10 To-Dos Before You Go, so you can travel with peace of mind
  • last but not least, the latest and greatest travel gadgets.

Ever heard of Hand Energy? Well, join the Travel Club and you’ll be in the know!

You’ll also get a private online forum:

You’ll be able to connect with like-minded travelers, ask your questions, and share inspiration for your next trip!


Escapes from the Rare Finds Travel Club will make your life easy.

The next time you have a birthday or anniversary to celebrate –
When you sister gets a new job –
Or you have a long weekend off work –

You’ll never again have to wonder where to go,
Or have to find time to research the details.

We’ve done all the work for you so you can
Escape the Ordinary!

Don’t have time or money for a big trip right now?
That’s okay… because you only need 3 days!

You’ll be amazed at the impact on your life when you change your scenery….

Smell that grove of eucalyptus trees on Santa Cruz Island.

Savor that cayenne-spiced craft beer in Colorado.

Walk down Frenchman Street to the syncopated beat of that Sachmo Strut.

Feel the rubbery skin of the gray whale next to your boat in Baja.

Listen to the clang of the bouy by your lighthouse.

And the best part?

When you come home from your Escape, you won’t be telling the same travel stories that everyone else is telling.

You will be talking about things that NO ONE else has done!

So trust me:

It doesn’t take 10 days or 10K to get this done.

Join the Rare Finds Travel Club and ESCAPE today!


Your Leader

"It all began the summer I was 7. Dad bought a Shasta camper and road-tripped our family around the West. We did ordinary things like drinking Tang, but we made extraordinary memories. 1989 found me in Tiananmen Square on the day they declared martial law. I saw my first cobra in Marrakech and rode the Orient Express into Budapest. In the ‘90s I starting road-tripping with my own 4 sons.  But these trips were anything but ordinary — we slept in treehouses, bush-planed to grizzly country and visited more than 50 national parks. My travel passion was ignited!"

Let me make your travel life as seamless as it is spectacular! Click here to join up today!