THE TRIP YOU’VE BEEN DREAMING OF is finally in reach!

Have you always dreamed of taking a one-of-a-kind adventure but you just don’t have the money to hire an expert?

Have you always wished you could play your own unique trip, but you don’t have the 100+ spare hours that it would take to research and put that tougher?

Do you wish you had a travel expert with 20+ years of experience at your fingertips without the exorbitant cost?… someone who has first hand knowledge of the places and experiences they’re recommending, and has personally vetted every guide, activity, and accommodation for themselves?

Well look no further… YOU’VE FOUND A TRUSTED GUIDE:

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Melanie Tucker, founder of Rare Finds Travel, has a lifetime of travel experience and more than two decades of professional, off-the-beaten-path planning expertise for discerning clients around the globe. She has spent years traveling and thoroughly researching every destination for herself, personally vetting the best vendors and trusted partners in each destination so you don’t have to. Rare Finds was founded on the love of truly unique and one-of-a-kind adventures. The trips Melanie plans of her clients are NOT the usual canned trips and tourist traps that you so often find online. In fact, many of her partners and vendors cannot even be found online at all – ANYWHERE!
Melanie’s lifelong love of travel inspired her to create these incredible guides so that she could share these destinations’s rarest-finds with ever traveller and adventurer at heart – no matter the budget.

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“Yah, but couldn’t I just plan it myself online and save myself the $197?”You sure could! And we’d be the last ones in the world to stop you from doing it, because planning travel is our true love! But if that’s what you’d rather do, just make absolutely sure that you:

  • Have a lot of extra fee hours in your day available to sit at the computer and pour over websites of the local area, hotel options, activities ideas, vendor pages, restaurant listing, transfer options, and reviewers websites, and maps!
  • Figure out how much time to devote to each experience and location. And how to get from one place to another. And most importantly, make sure you don’t miss anything! You don’t want to return home and have your friends say “What? You missed the cave?!”
  • Know someone who’s been there and can actually verify some of the things said online about certain places, activities, vendors, and lodges, so you don’t have to guess who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. How will you know who’s actually been to these places, and who’s just being paid for affiliate links and publicity?
  • Are just plain willing to take your chances and possibly end up with guides who are unreliable at best and dishonest at worst, and a hotel room that makes you say “Wait! What happened to the photos I saw online?”

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DIY GUIDES have got you covered

DIY Guides include everything you need to play your own adventure, including:

  • Our suggested itinerary: our favorite 8 days in the country
  • Lodging choices for each night (some rustic, some luxurious, but all unique!)
  • Self-guided as well as personalized daily activities with our very best guides (the same ones we use for custom-planning clients at RFTD)
  • Specialty food experiences (because if it doesn’t walk off our plate, we eat it – and you may want to too!)
  • Transportation options from sleeper trains to hopper flights, cars and ferries and even an elephant or two
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Critical details like Visas and customs
  • Mindful Money Management, with tipping and currency details
  • Is Your Technology Ready to Travel, with helpful apps, data usage, SIM cards, and hot spots
  • Packing 3:2:1 (In 3 minutes, we’ll show you how to pack for a 2 week trip in just 1 bag), including specialty products that you won’t want to forget in each destination


It might be a little tough-love, but we’re here to tell you in all honesty, that it is absolutely heartbreaking to watch people scrimp and save for their dream trip for ages, only to spend their hard-earned money on a trip that ends up being more of a nightmare than a dream!

We know how hard you worked for that money, and how long you’ve been dreaming of your trip – and we don’t want to see that money and time go toward anything less than you deserve!

We’ve dedicated decades of our lives to finding, gathering, and thoroughly testing for ourselves the best travel experiences, in the top destinations around the world – so that you don’t have to. So that people like you can benefit from our hard-won expertise, and save yourself the time and headache of trying to do it all yourself.

For nearly 30 years we’ve been helping beloved travelers of all kinds experience their dream trip with job an ease, instead of overwhelm, fear, and panic. So get your guide below, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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