famine statues of Dublin UK

United Kingdom

Get the Full Monty of the United Kingdom!

Oxford University UK

Dining hall at Oxford University

Stay at a medieval lodge one night and a cave hotel out on an Irish isle the next.

In London, you can sleep above a bakery, over a pub, or in an exclusive 1-room artsy guesthouse.

Meet Edinburgh innkeepers, then check into the dorms at Oxford.

Be hosted in a castle where you will enjoy a day of falconry or a country house amidst the incomparable scenery of the Isle of Skye!


If you like history,  don’t miss sunrise at Stonehenge, with an exclusive opportunity to get inside the stones.   Meet up with my entertaining and reliable Blue Badge Guides in Oxford, then go punting on the Thames.

platform 9 3/4 UK

walking “through” Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4

If you like food, eat your way around London’s ethnic communities, with a guided tasting tour including Cockney fare, Bangladeshi snacks, Indian curries, local fish-n-chips, and more.  And reserve an evening for wine tasting at London’s exclusive Berry Bros.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, give a day to my special Harry Potter guide, the captain of the local Muggle Quiddich Team, who will show you the best J.K. Rowling’s haunts.

pub to pub in the cotswolds UK

pub to pub in the Cotswolds

If you’re a literary fan, take a literary pub tour complete with costumed impersonators, visit the home of Jane Austen, and walk in the steps of Darcy on the Pride & Prejudice estate.

If you like adventure, learn to joust at a castle, cheer at a premier soccer league game, or clamber over the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

And if you’d like to just soak up the British country, let us plan a special Cotswolds experience for you, walking pub-to-pub, staying in a new village each night, where your luggage and a warm fire will be waiting.

Contact Melanie for more information on hopping across the pond!

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