Tahiti is a compilation of 188 islands strewn in a section of the Pacific, directly between the US and New Zealand.

Overwater-Bungalow in Tahiti

Overwater-Bungalow in Tahiti

As though perched over the soft waves of a secluded turquoise inlet in an over-the-water bungalow is not enough to capture your South Pacific imagination, consider this…

You can escape for a day or two and live like Robinson Crusoe on a remote rustic island where flame torches are the only means of light and, for dinner, you and the island caretaker spear lobsters directly off of the reef and roast them over a bonfire for a delicious supper.  Imagine the powdered sugar sky overhead at night, as you savor complete solitude  on this speck in the Pacific.

Map of Rangiroa Tahiti

Map of Rangiroa


Even from Tahiti’s poshest resorts, though, you can explore the oceanic wildlife.   On an atoll like Rangiroa where the islands form a complete circle with only one opening, the current rushes through with each tidal change, and you can too.  Called drift diving, you swoosh with the current out of the lagoon alongside black tip sharks, schools of reef fish, and giant sting rays.

dive the lagoon of Bora Bora Tahiti

dive the lagoon of Bora Bora


With your snorkel, explore the idyllic lagoon waters of Bora Bora and, at one of the few spots in all of Tahiti, dive for your own locally cultivated pearl and take it home with you!

On land, you can go on island safari in a 4×4 vehicle, on a quad bike, or even on horseback.  And you don’t want to miss the Gauguin Musuem which chronicles his years in the Marquesas.


But the zen of Tahiti will envelop you, so you’ll probably just want to find a hedonistic hammock, and swing.

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