Paris and the French countryside

historic Closerie des Lilas Paris

historic Closerie des Lilas literary cafe

Meet my literary history guide, straight from 60 Minutes, to introduce you to the Racy Writers of the Marais or the Lost Generation.
Stroll Paris, one chocolate shop at a time, with my gargoyle and angel, art and chocolate specialist.

Sip a Kir Royale at the hotel where Oscar Wilde died, or try a “Monkey on your Shoulder” at Harrys, a famous Parisian pub that was deconstructed in NYC during Prohibition and relocated to Rue Daunou!  Rare Finds has designed a Cafe a Day scavenger hunt around Paris.  Email Melanie for your free copy.

Tango on the banks of the Seine, attend a poetry reading at Shakespeare & Company, or get a coveted dining reservation at one of my choice spots!


sleeping on barge on Paris' Seine

sleep on barge on the Seine

When you’re in Paris, what about an overnight on a barge, docked on the Seine in the shadow of the Eiffel tower?  And outside of Paris, you can rent a villa in the Loire Valley’s Chateau country.


Then road trip or train to a truffle farm, or journey village-to-charming-village in the Alps.

Meet my WW II expert in Normandy, or explore the film life of Cannes, the medieval life of Eze, the wine cellars of offshore abbeys, or the calanques of the Mediterranean.

road trip through France's Sur La Sorgue

Sur la Sorgue’s canals

Maybe you want to follow in the steps of Van Gogh or Monet, then snoop around markets throughout Provence.

Or just hammock by the canals of Sur La Sorgue.


Contact Melanie, the owner and chief designer of Rare Finds, to have your Paris adventure custom-designed.

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