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Be lured by the scent of ginger, the call of the muezzin. Crumbling medinas await in Morocco!

Sleep in grand Ottoman-style riads, whose every architectural detail is crafted by the Fassi experts, and you’re secluded in the raid’s meditative courtyard, yet located right in the heart of the ancient bustling medina.

You can meet my Berber woman in Fez. She’ll take you marketing and then into her riad kitchen to learn the art of tagine cooking. Meet my trekking guide to attend a local rug auction in the Atlas mountains. Meet my photography guide to experience an authentic Berber wedding ceremony in one of the remote mountain villages.  Or poke around Marrakech and soak in the local culture.

You’ll want to try a hammam, or traditional communal bath (“they scrubbed parts of my body that I didn’t even know existed”, said one of my impressed clients!).  If you’re unfamiliar with hammams, demystify the ritual with my free report:  How to Hammam.

And don’t go home before you camel-ride out into the dunes of the Sahara to spend the night under a million stars in a desert camp.

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