Nyona cooking in Penang, Malaysia


Start in Singapore, a most modern city of Western architecture and commerce, that exudes the scents and accents of many cultures.

Visit Buddhist temples in Chinatown, then walk over to Sri Mariamman Temple – the first of many Hindu temples in the country.  A quick MRT ride to the central business district takes you to the Muslim Blue Mosque.

Very few cities can parallel Singapore’s seamless integration of modernity and nature.  Surrounded by luscious rain forests, it features one of the Top 10 Indoor Gardens of the world, which boast the SuperTrees that beautifully light up the gardens at night.

You can experience this nature, too, by swimming with pink dolphins at the Underwater World in Sentosa or spotting the Albino peacocks that have made the island their home.

Go on the Night Safari to see wild animals or bike around the country’s east coast.

For a breathtaking overview of the city, a stop at the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands is a must.  There you’ll see the quays, gardens, port, and shops.

And regardless of why you are visiting the city, no trip is complete without trying one of the many cuisines that can be everywhere. With so many different ethnicities in one place, it is no wonder that the city has become a melting pot of flavors and tastes. Whether you go to a local hawker centre to enjoy some kway teow or carrot cake, or to a sea-side restaurant for some chilli crab – you can’t go wrong.


Then strike out into Malaysia by train or small plane.  Awaiting you are elephant orphanages, tea plantations, colonial towns, and my favorite culinary guide who’ll introduce you to the storied art of Nyonya cooking.

Side trips include luscious island retreats or adventurous river trips to Borneo’s tribal longhouses.

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