experience the desert of Jordan


For a niche adventure, travel to Petra, a city settled over two thousand years ago along the famed Silk Road.

In Petra, not only can you witness the Treasury and learn the storied life of the city, but you may also get to meet the son of Married to a Bedouin who still lives and works in Petra.

Explore the caves and hillsides of this awe-inspiring rock-cut architectural city and become one with the historic and exotic feel of Jordan.

After traveling the red mountain rock, relax by:

~soaking in a mud bath in the Dead Sea
~watching a chariot race in Jerash
~diving and snorkeling in Aqaba
~riding a camel out in Wadi Rum for an overnight under the stars!

Contact Melanie for information on the many incredible ways to experience the exotic culture of Egypt!

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