“I reached out towards him, and he reached back. We held hands for a second and a half before he flew away again, back into the leafy refuge of the trees.
It was a sublime moment, the warmth of his rough finger making a complicated memory on my palm. It was a moment that, in a million years, I could never have seen coming, yet – in the blink of an eye – was gone.
I lived through this moment, and somehow, in ways that are both concrete and inexplicable, been changed by it. The jungle photos from that morning will mellow and wilt with age, but the intangible, irrefutable experience, I will hold within me, and it will last a lifetime.

Somehow, the rest of the trip – the incredible “nasi goreng” (Indonesian fried rice) that was cooked that night, the bathing by the river the next morning – all seems to pale in comparison to that second and a half.”

Embark on an Indonesian adventure with an open heart and mind.

Whether exploring the jungles of central Bali, haggling with rupiah (Indonesian currency) for trinkets in the markets of Jakarta, or riding the outstanding surf on the coasts of Kuta, there is an adventure waiting around every corner.

Discover Indonesia’s intriguing history first hand by:

~Visiting the Tirta Ganga, a Hindu water temple, or resting in the Buddhist Borobudor Temple

~Horse back riding on Mount Bromo

~Catching the sunrise over Javan Valley

~Learning to surf outside the beach cafes of Kuto in southern Bali

~Listening to cultural music on the sidewalk scene of Jakarta

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