golden isles Bowens Island

Golden Isles

Charleston is a gastronomic journey down 300 years of history!

southern guesthouse Golden Isles

you’re deep in the South at this guesthouse on the Golden Isles

shrimp dinner at Bowen's golden isles

shrimp dinner at Bowen’s

Between shrimp-and-grits and Gullah lunches, you can tour the museum house from where General Beauregard ordered  the first shot of the Civil War, out on Fort Sumter.

Learn about the city’s devastating earthquake of 1886 and it’s unique architecture with breeze-facing verandas and privacy doors.

Muse over this storied history while you rock on a joggling board  with a Sweet Tea, then head out to Bowen Island for an oyster roast.

There are crab shacks “where the elite eat in their bare feet”, the Shipwreck that serves peel-your-own on over-the-water decks, and the most amazing pecan pie that you will likely ever taste!

A couple nights in Savannah will transport you to another world!

bonaventure cemetery Savannah Golden Isles

spanish-moss draped romantic Bonaventure Cemetery

See the famous graves of Johnny Mercer and Conrad Aiken at Bonadventure Cemetery.  You know what they say?  “Better to be buried in Bonadventure than to live anywhere else!”

Dine at an authentic boarding house, soak in the spanish-moss draped Squares, drive out to waterfront rice plantations, and stay overnight in one of the charming southern guesthouses.

But the highlight? I’ll get you a key to the secret, private-entry-only Speakeasy!


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