East Africa

40 minutes on a bush plane out of Nairobi and you’re in the Mara, landing on a dirt airstrip, where your guide and Massai warrior await with a 4-wheel drive jeep.

You set off for your Bush camp, but right away, you’re surrounded by game. Elephants and their babies, so tiny that they can stand underneath their mother’s bellies, forage right off the airstrip.  Herds of zebra wander past, a lilac-breasted roller stands out in the tawny bush, and a giraffe silouhette is spotted on the nearby hilltop.

Then, laying low in the grasses ahead, your guide spots a pride of lionesses. In pursuit of a warthog dinner, they are uninterested in you, so the jeep pauses. As the guide opens a cool beverage for you, the lionesses stalk, sniff, and maneuver. It’s magic in the Mara – and you haven’t even experienced a bucket shower or sundowners yet!

In Tanzania, opt for a “soft safari”.

And afterwards, refresh at the beach.  If you want to be REALLY adventurous, sleep underwater out in Zanzibar!


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