Bliss just around the corner! The island of Bermuda is less than a two-hour flight from the east coast of the U.S.
A beaching paradise, Bermuda’s aquatic atmosphere of turquoise oceans and pink sands offers a sublime backdrop for exploring the volcanic shoreline.

scootering around Bermuda

scootering around Bermuda

On land, rent a moped and explore the tropical vegetation along Bermuda’s coast by following the large network of now-defunct railroad tracks from town to town.

Navigate the island’s ferry system to visit different ports easily! Make conversation with the local fishermen selling Red Hind and Jack off of their docks or with the farmers displaying their homegrown christophine and plantains under roadside umbrellas for a true Bermudian experience.

botanical gardens Bermuda

the allure of Bermuda’s botanical gardens


A captivating scuba and shipwreck museum, botanical gardens/caves and a colony of Bermudian potters and artists round out some of the island’s best amusements.

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