the way to relax in Belize


I call it “Bonita” Belize, because its tropical beauty takes your breath away.

Last time I was in this Central American country, I forded jungle rivers and spelunked in caves, exploring sacrificial sites of the ancient Mayan.

I climbed up temple ruins and heard tales of ancient civilizations.

I slept in a thatched treehouse, perched 2 flights up, in the fork of a Guanacaste tree. The Mopan River flowed under us, the fireflies put on a nightly show, and the jungle cats hunted prey through the tall grasses!

I ate dragonfruit and grilled Talapia, a local spinach specialty and the ubiquitous rice-n-beans. I washed it all down with the island’s own Belikin, and a splash of homemade Banana Wine!

The next night, I slept on an offshore caye (pronounced key), where I biked along sandy lanes, drifted the reefs with local guides in search of barracuda, swam with stingrays in the marine sanctuary, and even went spearfishing for lobsters!

I topped it all off with a lobster BBQ, grilled on a coconut husk fire on a remote beach. I felt like Robinson Crusoe!

~ Melanie, owner of Rare Finds Travel

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