Swimming with Sea Lions in Baja

Baja Sur

Allie petting gray whale in Baja

Allie petting baby gray whale

It’s impossible to convey the sheer thrill of reaching your hand over the rail of the boat, and actually rubbing the head of a baby Gray Whale!

And that’s only one stop on your journey through Baja Sur, which Rare Finds has happily nicknamed A Whale Crawl because it will take you into the space of  – and at times touching! – not 1 but 4 of these leviathans in just 7 days!

Our Whale Crawl along the Baja coast

Whale Concert in Baja CaliforniaThe whales sing all day long but it’s only when the boat motor noise dies down after dark that you can actually hear them.  On a boat, watching the sunset, the whales songs coming up from the underwater hydrophone… imagine!

this is how BIG they are (photo compliments of FunBaja in Baja Sur)

Moving north to La Paz, meet the Whale Sharks.  Paddling hard with your fins, you might just be able to keep up with him. You get so close that you could reach out with your hand and touched him.  He is mag-nificent! Safe (they have no teeth!) and awe-inspiring!
In Loreto Bay National Park, there’s no cozy-ing up to these giants!  The largest creatures on earth, they inhabit Loreto Bay National Park between January 1 and May 30.  You can see them on a dayboat, but maybe it’s even better to view them from the seat of a kayak!

Staring eye-to-eye with a whale in Baja

I'm touching m first gray whale, in Baja

I’m touching a baby gray whale

Last stop?   San Ignacio Bay!  Each winter, Mama Gray Whales migrate south to the Pacific bays of Baja every winter to give birth to their young.   They stay in these bays for about 3 months, nursing, until the newborns are strong enough for the passage back north.  During this time, you can meet the “friendlies”. ‘

Just touching the face of this curious baby will make your heart flutter. Some enthusiasts DO kiss the grays, though.  Would you?

Past the Whales…

Want to swim with a colony of sea lions?

Or ride a horse out to a remote ranchero to spend the night?

Want to go clamming and have a beach clam bake on the beach, just like a local?

Want to walk the desert amongst the Dr.-Seuss-like Boojum trees, searching for tiny bulbous pinchusion cacti, hugging a  Saguaro, and ending up in giant dunes of the seaside!

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