From the journal of our client Jeanne:

The momma Humpback rolled slowly over the obsidian surface, and her eye met mine. She and her baby surfaced again, closer, and finally, brushed the rubbery zodiac with her barnacled flipper, then dove deep, not to be seen again.
I looked at the man on the seat next to me. He looked dazed… seasick. “Are you okay?”, I asked.

“I’m just trying to figure out”, he mumbled, “what I just saw”.

This once-in-a-lifetime whale encounter was goose bump stuff.  Are you ready for Antarctica?

If you have ever dreamt of jumping off your ship into Deception Bay, to swim between the toasty volcanic bubbles and the freezing icebergs – or hiking in the steps of Shackleton, kayaking along faraway shores, or camping on the Antarctic continent for a night – then you will love an Antarctica journey with Rare Finds.

hiking through the penguin hatcheries

hiking to the penguin hatcheries

You will see an abundance of wildlife including 5 species of penguins, and you can time your journey to catch them nesting, hatching, molting, or fledging.


We have personally selected selected a few small ships that we feel are ideal to explore this most distant continent.  And if time is a constraint for you, we can recommend a fly-down-cruise-back itinerary, which saves not only time, but also discomfort on the often choppy Drake Passage.

Ushuaia, your likely city of embarkation

Ushuaia, your likely port of embarkation


We also have wonderful routes to get you to Ushuaia and back.  You may wish to hike Tierra del Fuego and dine at an asada, take a few days for wine-tasting in Argentina, or meet my guides on Easter Island!


This trip of a lifetime deserves personal care.

Rare Finds’ chief designer, Melanie Tucker, is here to help.

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