wadlopen in Netherlands


What is this?   Trudging through muck is a pastime for the Dutch, who call it wadlopen-ing.  A popular route is across a shallow stretch of the Wadden Sea to Ameland island.   You, too, can try this vintage local pastime.  It only takes a day, a tide-savvy guide, and some spirit!

But for the adventurous and traditional traveler alike, Amsterdam is perfect for a one-day layover or for a whole week’s stay.

On a sunny day, rent a bicycle and explore this bike-friendly city on 2 wheels.  You’ll feel just like a local!   Stop and enjoy the couches that the cafes set out canal-side for an open-air urban salon experience.

Or, on a rainy day, explore Amsterdam’s world renowned museums.   Highlights include the hideaway of Anne Frank in her home on Prinsengracht, the wonderful master painting Night Watch as well as an entire Van Gogh museum, and architecture that is canted from the shifting foundation of a city built on water!

You can even sleep on one of the iconic houseboats while you’re in town!

Contact Melanie for information on planning an adventurous Amsterdam trip, complete with the all of the local flavor of the city!

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