3-genearation family trip to Bermuda

10 Tips for “KILLER” Family Trips (so you don’t kill each other)

A long time ago, when my firstborn was a baby, a seasoned older parent told me:  “Your children will always travel with you as long as you pay.”  

I have found that to be true 🙂  But there’s more to a successful family trip than the finances.   So here are our tried-n-true strategies at Rare Finds Travel for creating a family vacation that’s unforgettable (in a good way)…
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20+ Prime Places to Gather Your Group

Families play in Costa Rica with the Bug Lady, the Tarzan Swing, and lots of sloths!IF YOU HAVE “LITTLES”

  1. An old-school beachfront villa in Barbados:  These beachfront rentals come with a cook and maid/laundress which makes your trip a true vacation!
  2. Costa Rica:  Zip lining, the Bug Lady, family oriented small resorts and private rentals, plus private guides who let you go at your own pace and handle an impromptu bathroom detour  – all these factors make Costa Rica Pura Vida!
  3. A Dude Ranch:  Ranches like Rock Springs Guest Ranch in Bend OR offer special kids’ programs like the egg-n-spoon race in the weekly rodeo, kiddie wranglers, debris-shelter building, and more!  (there was even a staged cowboy kidnap!)  Your kids won’t want to go home.
  4. Italy:  With  an AirBnB’s kitchen, meals are easy. With child-specialized guides, even the Vatican comes to life.   Throw in a pizza-making afternoon and set up my Lost in Translation activity – and even a European city welcomes your family with “littles”.

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Olympic Wanna-be’s on the West coast: Salt Lake City is for you!

East coasters can drive up to Lake Placid, but West coasters?  You have your own olympic venue at SALT LAKE CITY.


Similar to Lake Placid, SLC has geared all of its Olympic venues for public enjoyment.

AND it has one of the hottest Apres-Ski setups around: a bright orange tent with the Veuve Cliquot logo at the base of the Deer Valley slopes.  Flutes, bubbling over with champagne, are served on fur ottomans before glowing hearths.   Here’s the scoop!

But don’t worry – there are legit Olympic activities too…

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Are you an Olympian Wanna-Be? Try Lake Placid!

One of my fondest Olympic memories is waking at 4am at the Gables Inn in Vermont, and watching the Women’s Downhill Finals in my PJ’s by a roaring fire.  I could almost feel the adrenaline of those competitors!

Do you want to feel part of the action?   I’ve thought of 2 places, right here in the US, where you can get the Olympic buzz next month. Games run February 9th-15th so if you book now, you have an excellent chance of grabbing a room.

Here’s option 1, for East coasters:  LAKE PLACID

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Cuba Holiday 2017

Want to travel back in time? Visit Cuba! This unique country has an old-world feel with plenty of fun activities and delicious food to go with it.

Explore the wonders of Cuba from the sandy beaches to the European architecture. Walk down the streets to see the Cuban flag flying and explore the various shops and restaurants. See with your own eyes the classic cars of the 1950s and 1960s, which is almost like walking through a time capsule.  Bright colors, ancient instruments and plenty of flare and jaw-dropping driving.

Head to the beach and experience the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Have a sunset picnic with a wide variety of local foods and create some fun memories with family! Also, refresh your thirst with delicious coconut juice, served to you directly from a coconut (with a straw) by a beach waiter.

On a sunny afternoon explore the history of this unique country, by touring local parks, monuments and historic sites for their remaining ruins, cultural significance and beauty. At night, feast on a never-ending supply of fresh seafood and larger than life vegetables (a main export for the island), that you need to see to believe.

Enjoy the wide-open cultural opportunity that Cuba has to offer. Hang out at the beach, participate in fun water activities like surfing and scuba diving, or simply take in the sights. Feast on seafood delicacies from multiple restaurants and try out foods only available in the surrounding ocean waters. Explore the city on foot to get a real feel for the lifestyle, walking through town and having a 360 degree view of new places and sights.