Arctic Jump!

MORE places to Unplug

This Masai might not be able to unplug.   But we can.

And judging from the response to my “20 places to Unplug” blog, a LOT of us are really trying to!

A break from technology.  From an endless to-do list.  From the hectic pace of life that sweeps us through week after week until we say “HOW could it already be Thanksgiving?!”

So here are some MORE ideas for you to save your sanity.

Want the FULL  list of 50 Places to Save Your Sanity?  Email me right here.

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Me on Nigel at the Rock Creek Horse Drive in Yosemite

Want Yosemite to yourself? Try a pack trip!

If you love horses, or travel with someone who does, you might want to know about Rock Creek Pack Station.

I took off last May to drive their herd of 200 pack mules and horses from the lower pastures in the valley to the high corral in the Sierras where you can meet them, all summer long, for a guided, supported, and concierge-d pack trip into the deep wilderness of Yosemite National Park! Continue reading

Heceta Head lights up Oregon

Only 3 hours south of Portland, tucked into one of Oregon’s most picturesque bays, sits the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Sleep overnight, enjoy their famous 7-course breakfasts, and maybe even meet the resident spook.

When you’re ready for YOUR one-of-a-kind adventure, 

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So you can just pack and go play!


A night at the Rose Island Light

Love the idea of sleeping in a lighthouse?

At Rare Finds Travel, we do too!  Let us design your next weekend getaway,

so you can Escape the Ordinary!   

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A short boat ride out from Newport RI, Rose Islands hosts a bird refuge, military barracks from the Revolutionary War, and of course the historic lighthouse.

The Azulejos (or tiles) of Porto

The sprawling Rua das Flores was originally the largest street in town – big enough to herd cattle down the middle and still allow pedestrians to walk alongside.  This was Porto in its early Moorish days.

Today the flowers on this thoroughfare are mostly seen on the building facades in the varied and textured and colorful tile mosaics for which this city is famous. Continue reading