Top 10 animal experiences to celebrate “Be Kind To Animals” week

In honor of “Be Kind to Animals” week,

Rare Finds suggests one of our 7 favorite animal encounters

Kissed by an elephant

Going to Thailand?  Always dreamt of playing with an elephant in the river for bath time?    Want to feel an elephant’s wet trunk nose around on your palm?

Patara Elephant Farm offers 1/2 day Elephant Day Care and full day Adopt an Elephant.    You might even get kissed!

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One day in Moscow

Me in Red Square, Moscow


One perk of my job is that locations often host me for a visit, including complimentary flights. This day, the free ticket to Malaga Spain took me through Moscow (crazy, right?).


With a double-entry VISA (that’s another story for another day…), I was able to escape the airport, ride the cyrillic-signed subway, and tour the stunning St Basil’s Cathedral that I had always dreamt about. Continue reading

How much can you see in a single day in Amsterdam?

amsterdam, the bike-friendly city

Amsterdam, the bike-friendly city

beer canal-side amsterdam

Our trip to North Africa routed us through Denmark, providing us with a bonus stop – a full day in Amsterdam.  And we made the most of it!

The train into the city from the airport was simple and short – about 40 minutes – delivering us to the center of town.

Emerging from the train station, one of the first things to catch your eye is the three-story bicycle parking lot, a great tangle of spokes, frames and pedals that one might mistake for a gargantuan piece of modern art. Bikes are far and away the preferred mode of transportation here, almost to the exclusion of cars. One can’t help but wonder how to locate and extricate your bike from the mass.

Fun fact:  there are 881,00 bikes in Amsterdam, curiously more than the number of residents

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