DIY Belize Guide has everything you need to book your own trip to Belize!

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Get the DIY Belize Guide and finally be able to:

  • Plan the perfect trip within your budget
  • Craft your own unique adventure, and skip the hundred hours of research time!
  • Hear your friends say with envy, “HOW did YOU find THAT?” when they see your trip photos on Instagram!
  • Savor a day that will make you feel like Robinson Crusoe – lobster and conch diving trip and a beach BBQ with our hidden gem, Roberto!
  • Sleep in a treehouse! Or an overwater cabana! Or on a private island! We’ve got suggestions to fit every preference & budget.
  • Stop guessing which places, activities, & vendors can really be trusted.
  • Create a truly memorable and off-the-beaten-path trip that’s been vetted by a travel expert.
  • Live like a local, and experience your destination without all the usual tourist traps.
  • Discover hidden gems and rare finds that literally can’t be found online or in any guidebook!
  • Get a full one-week itinerary tart you can use as-is or customize for yourself!
  • Pack with ease using Melanie’s packing video and suggested items, personally tested, just for Belize!
  • Get all the info you’ll need to know on transfers & “how to get there”.
  • Taste the best-of Mayan flavors, sample dragonfruit or other tropical delicacies from the farm stand, or just find the best dock for sundowners.
  • Feel empowered because we’ll show you the ropes so you’ll know where to go, what to do, how to dress, and where things are. We’ve got you covered!

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  • Our suggested itinerary: our favorite 8 days in the country
  • Lodging choices for each night (some rustic, some luxurious, but all unique!)
  • Self-guided as well as personalized daily activities with our very best guides (the same ones we use for custom-planning clients at RFTD)
  • Specialty food experiences (because if it doesn’t walk off our plate, we eat it – and you may want to too!)
  • Transportation options from sleeper trains to hopper flights, cars and ferries and even an elephant or two
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Critical details like Visas and customs
  • Mindful Money Management, with tipping and currency details
  • Is Your Technology Ready to Travel, with helpful apps, data usage, SIM cards, and hot spots
  • Packing 3:2:1 (In 3 minutes, we’ll show you how to pack for a 2 week trip in just 1 bag)
  • Plus specialty products that you won’t want to forget in each destination

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