DIY Barcelona Guide has everything you need to book your own trip to Barcelona!

Get the DIY Barcelona Guide and finally be able to:

  • Plan the perfect trip within your budget
  • Skip the hundred hours of research time!
  • Stop guessing which places, activities, & vendors can really be trusted – we’ve got it all vetted and stress-tested for you!
  • Hear your friends say with envy, “HOW did YOU find THAT?” when they see your trip photos on Instagram!
  • Learn how to time your trip so you can catch the early access to Montserrat, the castellers of Catalonia, and an entire Gaudi day!
  • Sleep at a medieval parador in a mountain village in Catalonia! Or in a chic apartment off of La Ramblas in Barcelona! We’ve got suggestions to fit every preference & budget.
  • Create a truly memorable and off-the-beaten-path trip that’s been vetted by a travel expert.
  • Live like a local, and experience your destination without all the usual tourist traps.
  • Discover hidden gems and rare finds that literally can’t be found online or in any guidebook!
  • Pack with ease using Melanie’s packing video and suggested items, personally tested, just for Barcelona!
  • Save hours of time!  We’ve researched every little detail – even all the info you’ll need to know on transfers & “how to get there”.  Get a full one-week itinerary tart you can use as-is or customize for yourself!
  • Visit a vineyard for a landscape tasting –  honey, olive oil, AND wine!   Sail at sunset along the Mediterranean seafront of Barcelona.   Go coasterring on Mallorca!  We’ve mapped out the perfect route, with all the bucket-list items and some “rare” surprises too!
  • Feel empowered because we’ll show you the ropes so you’ll know where to go, what to do, how to dress, and where things are. We’ve got you covered!


You just click and book, pack and go play!


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  • Our suggested itinerary: our favorite 8 days in the country
  • Lodging choices for each night (some rustic, some luxurious, but all unique!)
  • Self-guided as well as personalized daily activities with our very best guides (the same ones we use for custom-planning clients at RFTD)
  • Specialty food experiences (because if it doesn’t walk off our plate, we eat it – and you may want to too!)   There’re secret speakeasies, boat dinners, and even a very special experience that I call “theater in the dining room”.
  • Transportation options from self-driving routes to professional drivers, a sailboat and the subway!
  • Restaurant recommendations  – and our favorite tapas crawl!
  • Critical details like Visas and customs
  • Mindful Money Management, with tipping and currency details
  • Is Your Technology Ready to Travel, with helpful apps, data usage, SIM cards, and hot spots
  • Packing 3:2:1 (In 3 minutes, we’ll show you how to pack for a 2 week trip in just 1 bag)
  • Plus specialty products that you won’t want to forget in each destination.  Got Keens?   A GoPro?



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