An Adventure to Sian Ka’an

Want a truly unique travel experience? Try an adventure to the protected biosphere of Sian Ka’an just west of Tulum in Mexico! This tropical paradise encompasses both ocean and jungle for a wonderful journey through nature that is a must-see for travelers.

Walk along the wooden walkways through the forests, surrounded by trees and bamboos and climb up into the trees for a fantastic view of the ocean!

Stonehenge in Scotland

Want to see a unique sight in Scotland? See the first Stonehenge on Scotland’s Orkney Islands! These massive stone pillars tower over you and stand out amongst the rolling hills and lakes of the Scottish countryside.

This particular site predates Stonehenge by about one thousand years, so it’s a fun experience! The massive stones are not set up like Stonehenge so the experience is completely new and different. Check out Orkney Tours for a great guided tour of the area.

Adventures in Sri Lanka

Ever wanted to travel to Sri Lanka? This lush paradise is filled with activities and wonderful sights for any and all ages. See the tea plantations in the highlands, learn to surf on the beach, or help some sea turtles make it to the water! Enjoy fresh and fruity drinks as well as homemade bread and treats sold almost anywhere. Ride a local train or hop in a buggy for a bumpy ride through the streets with a smile on your face.

Yucatan Peninsula Roadtrip

Ready for a fun road trip through the Yucatan paradise? Fly to Cancun and see the Yucatan by car and all the interesting sights and places this unique landscape has to offer. Head north to the coast to ride bikes on the beach and catch a sunset with a tropical drink in your hand. Then go inland for jungle landscapes, wildlife, and a wild ride you will never forget.

See a piece of history and climb the Mayan ruins in Coba, and descend down into a hidden cavern for a fun swim. See the sights of Tulum and grab a hammock by the sea to soak in the rays and the view. Experience all the wonders of eastern Mexico with this fun road trip!

Baglama Music in Turkey

Enjoy your Turkish coffee with some local entertainment by indulging in Baglama music! This unique style of music is completely popular in the region and a truly one of a kind experience!

Listen closely and enjoy the unusual instrument as well as the harmony it creates. Dine on delicious coffees and pastries with fresh, local ingredients for a fun entertainment-filled night in your Turkish travels.

Bike Adventure in Oslo

Have some time to spare is Oslo? Try seeing this fabulous city by bike! Hop on a bicycle and explore the wonders and beauty of Oslo from two wheels. Take a one a kind guided bike tour to see the gorgeous gardens or the unique features of the city from someone who knows it best.

Or simply hop on and bike around at your own pace, stopping whenever you like. Visit a fun museum or take a walk along the river, and see all the beauty Oslo has to offer!

Sleep in the Trees of the Adirondacks

It’s not every day you get to sleep in a treehouse. In this case, you don’t even need to leave the United States, as there is a beautiful, one of a kind treehouse nestled right in with the Adirondacks. Complete with kitchen, bathroom, spiral staircase and amazing wood accents, this palace in the sky is like no other!

This treehouse was actually built by an artisanal furniture designer and is completely pet-friendly. Take in the sweeping forest views from skylight windows and the wide open air porches. Or cook a delicious meal in the spacious outdoor kitchen, complete with a paved walkway around the property.

Glamping in New York

Ever wanted to just get away for a weekend? Away from the noise, the city, work and just be able to breathe in the great outdoors? Glamping is the best vacation for you! Spend a weekend in the wilderness in style! With a tricked out super sturdy tent, complete with commode, furnace, comfy bed and more.

Spend your nights under the bright lights of the stars and roast some food under a campfire. This is camping in style. You can even bring your pets with you to enjoy the great outdoors!