Lloyd, my tropical bike guide in Key West

Art & Music Connoisseur

At Rare Finds, we want you to participate!

  • Strum at Carter’s Vintage Guitars, record your own song in 3rd Man Records‘ vintage booth (just like Willie Nelson), and listen to your favorite live band playing Bluegrass, Rock-a-Billy, or Jazz.  In Nashville, even the local coffee shop spins vinyl!
  • Learn to tango on the banks of the Seine in Paris.
  • Discover hidden gardens in Key West, Florida with my tropical bike guide (who, by the way, can play Strangers in the Night on a conch shell).
  • Spend a glorious, undistracted 30 minutes in the Vatican‘s Sistine Chapel at dusk.
  • Enjoy an evening in the home of a local South African jazz musician and even jam with his friends.
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