Rare Finds Custom-Design Travel Service: Sometimes rustic, often luxurious, always unique!

Rare Finds Travel Design aims to share our passion for unconventional travel with you. We want to fire your imagination, open your eyes, and bond your group or family.

We Deliver Inspired Itineraries

We are a custom-design travel service for individuals, families, and small groups. Owned by Melanie Tucker, Rare Finds specializes in designing inspired, unique trips for adventurous, independent travelers.

Taking You to Hidden Corners of the Globe

Dine with locals in Italy.

Dine in the home of locals in Tuscany.

With more than twenty-five years experience in travel, Melanie Tucker will work with you to create a magical itinerary that is customized according to your physical, intellectual, and financial goals,  and that is intended to reveal the essence of a destination through memorable activities, culturally seasoned meals, and offbeat lodging. Itineraries include novel lodging like cave hotels and 5-star tree houses, eclectic excursions like lobster diving and truffle hunting, and meaningful conversations over dinner at locals’ homes.

All you have to do is pack, and we will do the rest!

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation with our chief travel designer, Melanie Tucker to learn more.